Friday, July 30, 2010

Power 90

My Power 90 DVD set finally came today!!  I'm not officially starting my 90-day program until August 2nd, but I figured I'd do a run-through of all the workouts so I can find alternative moves if need be.

Today I did Phase I-II Cardio and Ab Ripper 100, and it was the most intense workout I've ever done in my life.  It also reminded me how out of shape I am!  I had to pause it a million times so I could take a 30-second mini break and focus on my breathing.  My lungs couldn't handle it, and even though I have asthma, being out of shape isn't helping.  During the Power Yoga, I busted me ass on a few of those moves.  I'm just not that flexible yet.  So I'll look to find some alternative moves.

The biggest thing is that I finished, and I'm so proud of myself for that.  I need to invest in a yoga mat before I do the Ab Ripper again.  My lower back is killing me from that tile floor :/

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