Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh how I love being 21!

After doing 11 shots at midnight on my 21st birthday, I didn't think there was anything good about being 21.  And I also never thought I'd be able to drink again.  I already despise Jagermeister, Goldschlager, and Bailey's (and now tequila). Just hearing those words makes me sick!

But after my 21st birthday cruise, I'm learning that being 21 is absolutely fabulous!!!  I'm quickly learning the liquors that I love and hate. I've also learned my limit, and I know how to stop myself. Oh, and I've learned that I'm going to be carded until I die :)

What I Love About Being 21
1. Two words: Duval Street
2. Trying new drinks
3. Being able to have a casual drink whenever, wherever
4. Being able to go to a liquor store
5. Being carded (it's a feeling that I actually enjoy)
6. Being able to go to the bars with my friends
7. If I want it, I can buy it
8. I don't need to depend on other people to get my alcohol for me
9. I don't feel guilty or scared about drinking
10. Being able to get a new (horizontal) license
11. Mixing different liquors and creating my own drinks (which are probably on the internet anyway)
12. Being able to drink on cruise ships
13. Being able to go on cruises WITHOUT my parents :)

I'll add more soon :)

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