Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can money buy a good time?

Most people know this but for those that don't, my family is in a real financial situation right now.  My dad lost his job back in January, and we have just enough money for necessities.  My parents never spoiled me with money, but they were able to help me out when I needed it.  For awhile, my parents didn't want me to have a job so I could focus on school.  They don't really feel that way now, but I've been so stressed out with school and my sorority that I didn't think I'd have enough time for a job.  Now that my dad is out of a job and I can't get financial support from my parents, I'm forced to look for a job.

My bank account is about to be wiped clean thanks to the mandatory checks I had to write for sorority recruitment.  When I tell friends and sisters that I don't have any money in my account, they just assume that I don't want to spend my money.  But what they don't realize is that I really don't have any money there.

Today my Big asked me to go to dinner.  Then it was ice skating and McDonald's.  When I let her know that I didn't have any money so I wouldn't be able to go, she said to come to her place at 7pm and bring $4 for pizza.  What about "I don't have any money" didn't make sense?!

This is only a recent example.  I can't leave out all of the times my friends want me to go to Ale House or Applebee's with them after Senate.  I used to go and just get water, but then I constantly got questioned and bugged about it.  At first I'd lie and say I wasn't hungry, but when my stomach began to growl the truth came out.  I told my friends I didn't have any money and even though they offered to pay, I had to decline.  I know they offered, but I always felt bad.  So then I just stopped going with them.  I feel like I'm missing out on a lot, and it really sucks.  But what can I do?

Everyone I know always wants to hang out and go somewhere that requires me to spend money.  I just want to hang out and do something that doesn't require money - watching a movie at home, going to the park, going to the FGCU gym or waterfront.  I know these things sound so simple, but for me it's the little, simple things in life that matter the most.  I don't think you need to have money to have a good time.  All you need is good company.

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