Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Isn't Easy

It's so easy to walk away when you're mad.  It's easy to say, "I'm done" instead of facing your problems.  It's easy to lie.  It's easy to keep all of your emotions bottled up inside.  But what's hard is facing your issues and dealing with them.  It's hard to look at someone in the eyes and say, "I'm mad at you."  It's hard to tell someone that you don't love them the way they love you.  It's hard to tell someone the truth when you know it's going to hurt them.

Love isn't easy and sometimes it isn't fun.  Sometimes it hurts like hell, and sometimes you're going to feel like you just won't make it.  But it will get better.  Just remember that the couples that are "meant to be" went through a whole lot of things that were meant to tear them apart...but they made it through and came out stronger than before.  Love isn't easy, but it's certainly worth fighting for.

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