Monday, June 25, 2012

Bucket List: May 2012

4. Write a book
When I started my bucket list, I never specified the type of book.  And to be completely honest, I forgot that I even had this on there.  Last month, I started putting together a collection of writing from the past nine years.  The goal is to self-publish it.  I don't intend on selling it (though it will be available for sale through the website I'm publishing it on).  My reason for "writing" this book was so that I could have a physical copy of my writing.  Sure, I have electronic copies of everything, but there's something special of having a physical copy of it.  Soon, #5 (publish a book) will be completed too.  But for now, the book is written, in format, and in the process of being edited.  I can't wait until the day it's in "book form."

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