Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grad School War

With all but one of my grad school applications in, I have a lot to think about.  How will I afford these schools?  Where will I live?  Am I ready for all that grad school brings?  But most importantly...where do I really want to go?

This is where I'm torn.  I have my top four (4) schools, and they are divided by two categories: college football and city life.

As I sit here during rivalry weekend in college football, I want nothing more than to have this experience.  I want the experience of going to one of these games and cheering for my school.  FGCU couldn't give me this experience.  And while I know that grad school requires me to "grow up," I still really want to be able to have the football season experience.

On the other hand, I would love to move to a big city.  Both of my parents went to school in New York City, and I would love to have a similar experience as them.  I would love to take the subway/metro to get to campus.  I would love to walk out of a college building and step into the streets of one of the nation's biggest cities.  I would love to have opportunities at my fingertips.

So what is it?  Florida State or Alabama?  Georgetown or NYU?  Or will I end up at one of my back up schools...USF or FIU?

I guess only time and tears will tell.


  1. NYU > Georgetown in terms of schools NY is a much better experience in terms of city life also NYC has cheep flights to Fort Lauderdale, FL thanks to jetblue