Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When did I sign up for this?!

Student Government has always been full of drama.  It's full of situations where you have to put friendships aside.  But tonight, the drama was taken to a whole new level.

For those of you that don't know what happened, here's the basics:  Six Student Government representatives were allegedly smoking marijuana at our annual Student Government retreat (which we call "Flight School.")

Tonight at Senate, our Senate President resigned from office.  The other five will go through the impeachment process at our next Senate meeting.

I won't go into any more detail because as of now everything else is hearsay.  And whether or not I believe it and how I will vote is irrelevant.  And it's not even what I want to talk about.

Tonight was intense and emotional.  I honestly thought I was going to walk out of that room and I was going to get beaten or yelled at.  And while I was still in the chambers, I did get yelled at by a friend of one of the Senators in question.  It's one of the hardest situations I've had to deal with, but I held myself together and didn't let them get the best of me.

I wanted to resign tonight.  When I joined Student Government, I joined because I wanted to voice the opinions of my constituents.  I wanted to inform students on what goes on in SG, and I wanted to contribute to this University.  But lately, it feels like all we ever do is fight.  We bicker and fight about little things, and sometimes I don't even think we scratch the surface on some student issues.  I didn't join SG to get yelled at or to be threatened.  I never thought I'd have to put friendships on the line and make decisions that would literally change people's lives forever.  I didn't sign up for this part of Student Government, but I'm forced to deal with it.  And when I start something, I don't quit.  So for now I'm going to push through it.  I feel that if I can get through this, I can get through a lot of other things as well.

This whole situation has been eating me up inside.  And with it being on the news and students asking me about it, it's impossible to ignore.  I want to give them the facts, but there are not many facts right now.  There's opinions and hearsay flying around.

I know whatever decisions I make in two weeks will be the hardest decisions I'll ever have to make in Senate.  And whatever decision I choose, I want students to trust that I'm making the right decision.

To quote The Fray: "Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same..."

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