Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NutriSystem Review

I've been on NutriSystem since Wednesday (May 26th), and I think I've formed a solid opinion on it.

Simply put: I'm far from impressed.

The longer version: I thought NutriSystem would be great.  It got great reviews online - both for the great tasting food and for the amount of weight people were losing.  I've been trying to lose 20-25 pounds for awhile now, and the same thing happens every time: I get off to a great start and then I get too confident and feel I can cheat and things go downhill.  So I thought that NutriSystem would be different because the food is already portioned out for you; all you need to do is add fruits and veggies.  Seems simple, right?  Well, it is.

The problem is the food itself.  I absolutely hate it.  Maybe it's because I'm young and I don't enjoy the same foods as people who are older.  Either way, I cannot stand a majority of the food.  I have loved every single breakfast and dessert I've had, and I've had some awesome dinners (mainly the chicken breast and hamburgers. soooo good!)  But a majority of the lunches & dinners are not that good to me.  I've gotten to the point where I don't even want to eat anymore because just thinking about the food makes me sick.  It's gotten that bad.  I hate vegetables, but I would rather eat a can of vegetables than eat those foods.  I am not even exaggerating.

As far as the weight goes: I haven't lost any more a week on NutriSystem than I was before (and I'm, exercising more now than I was before).  The only difference is that before I got to eat foods that I actually liked.  I'm really bummed out by this because I really, really hoped something would finally work and give me that jump start I needed.  It has taught me a lot, though.  I've learned that you can spice up meals by adding fruits & veggies.  And I learned what types of foods should compromise each meal.

I'm going to finish up these next three weeks on NutriSystem and then go from there.  My mom tells me to just deal with it and eat the food, but I'm not going to eat food that I don't like.  I'll eat what I can deal with, but I'm not going to eat the food "just to eat it."  That's a waste of calories.  If I can't manage to stomach one of the meals, I'll substitute it with a salad.  I just need to get through these next three weeks.

Basically: No, I would not recommend NutriSystem to a friend.

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