Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rest in Peace, Roxy

I left for class Monday knowing we were going to put Roxy to sleep tomorrow.  She was old and her heart just couldn't take it anymore.  We knew that this day would come sooner or later, but I always hoped it would be later rather than sooner.  I cried nearly non-stop for two days.  When I left to go to class, on a date, or to a meeting my heart hurt.  I felt like my whole world was falling apart.  I felt empty and almost guilty.  Roxy was always fine...until she wasn't.  And when she wasn't fine, it was bad.  I still think about whether or not we made the right decision.  But I have to believe that we did.  That it was the right thing to do.  That she's not in pain anymore.

Spending time with Roxy on Monday
Roxy was never really my favorite.  I mean, she had terrible breath, she made a mess around the house, and she was so old.  But I loved Roxy.  I woke up early on weekends to take her on walks, shared my food with her no matter how hungry I was, accompanied her to the vet when she was sick and took care of her every second I could.  When she went to the bathroom on the floor, I cleaned it up and never yelled.  When we went to Fort Lauderdale I let her sleep next to me on the bed and let her have first dibs on the blanket.  She was more than just a pet.  She was part of our family.  It brings me joy to say we saved Roxy from an abusive home and that we made her remaining years the best they could be.  But it saddens me to know she is gone.  I just know she is out of pain and in a better place.  But I wish she didn't have to go so soon.
Before leaving for Senate...and before she was taken to be put down
Rest in paradise, Roxy.  You will always be in my heart <3 02.14.2012

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