Monday, October 5, 2009

I Want

I want to take it all back
Every sip of alcohol and every bad decision last night
I want to remember my fun
and forget my mistakes
I want my space back
and I want to rid your scent from my bed
I want you to stop sprawling your sweaty body
all over the place where I'm trying to sleep
so I can be fully rested for Blink-182
I want my clothes back on my body
instead of lying on my floor
I want my money back in my wallet
instead of in the cash register at WalMart
I want "no" to mean "no"
and not "as long as you don't remember it"
I want to know what you did to me
and I think I have every right to know
It doesn't matter what my mental state was at the time
You knew what I wanted and what I was totally against
I want to take back those text messages
so I don't have to explain what happened
(because I don't even know)
But most of all,
I want what I could never truly get back
because you stole it from me last night
And the reason I care so much
is because I know you don't care
Not even a little bit
Not at all

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