Saturday, August 29, 2009

Raw Emotion

It's been nearly a year since I "stopped writing" after a little incident back in Composition 1. This is the one and only poem I've written this year...and it's from December 6, 2008. I don't know what compelled me to post it, but I'm taking Creative Writing this semester, and I need to learn to open up again with my writing. So maybe this is my first step...I don't know.

Raw Emotion

Enclosed by my barriers no more
Bricks surrounding my face
Have turned to dust lying at my feet
Letting the world see into my soul
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
For the world to use as they please

Beaten down and tormented
By my demons and by yours
Smothering me, leaving me there to die
Dashing out the door and out of your grip
My heart was broken and then was fixed
I thought I was free...but then this

What a whirlwind you've created
Stirred up emotions inside of me
No barriers to protect me
Just raw emotion out in the open
Can't seem to catch what you throw at me
No matter how predictable it should be

Dazed and confused to the damage I have done
Don't understand where this is coming from
One day you love me, the next you delete me
Leaving me to wonder why
Why did I come back to you?
Why did I stay after all you've put me through?

First it was sorrow, but has now become anger
It's a flashback to seven months ago
Only this time I learned before it was too late
Told myself "only one more time"
You had your last chance
Now I'll be having the last dance

Take your time, make up your mind
You don't realize what you're leaving behind
When you're ready to come back
I'll already be long gone
Moving on, once and for all
No more backing down, I'm standing tall

Strength has filled my muscles and bones
It's strange since fear is all I've ever known
Don't deserve the games you're putting me through
Since no matter what, I've been there for you
Regardless of what you want I've made up my mind
I'm strong enough now to look forward and never behind

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